Learn about The Snack Time Feeder and How to Use It


We have created the next generation of animal feeders. Perfect for hunting, pets, fish ponds, small farm animals. Our feeder will dispense anything thing from bird seed to acorns.

Why use the same old technology of spin cast and gravity feeders when you can have a feeder that pays for itself. Don’t limit yourself to corn kernels or the expense of have feed available 24 hours a day. Feed cost money so don’t leave it on the ground so it becomes a nocturnal feast or just rots. You can have your feed work for you by only having it available when it’s triggered by an animal that actually present. And you can set that trigger to only work at the time of day you desire

Our Snack Time Feeder is the only Bump Feeder with a Brain

Made in the USA
Vetern Owned and Operated

The Snack Time Feeder Features:

What's inside the Snack Time Feeder Box
An overview of the Snack Time Feeder

Your Snack Time Feeder™ is designed to train your game, to save you money, to pay for itself.

  • Made in the USA
  • Veteran Owned & Operated
How to program the Snack Time Feeder


I usually can find some cons when it comes to reviewing products but the Snack Time Feeder I do not see any cons. It is simple to set up and use and you can easily save money if you elect to use the trigger arms. With the prices of feed today every penny helps. So order yours today! Posted on September 15, 2022 by Dell Oliver